Or maybe you feel like you're limiting your results by training in a commercial gym?

We are not in the business of making you ‘skinny’. We don’t have fancy mirrors or beauty bars. We don’t have endless rows of cardio equipment, exercise machines, or ‘music channels’ on the TV (there’s heavy music & lifting instead). We don’t offer spin class, yoga class, pilates class or anything with the words “core”, “bootcamp” or “WOD”.

You don’t have to be a certain type of person to fit in here or to see results. 
And, you’ll do it in a supportive and welcoming environment free from big egos, attitudes, crowds and ‘political bullshit’. Somewhere where your individual strengths are celebrated.

We understand that we might not be what you’re looking for, then again, we might be exactly what you need.

Get Strong

- Every member gets a program - 24/7 training - In-house nutritionist so you can achieve any goal - Coaches for ANY level of experience - All ages, genders, & body types - Bodybuilding machines to help you reach strength & physique goals - Enough equipment that you won’t have to wait - Saturday Open Team Training with our coaches


- Equipment & coaching for any federation in Australia - Novice through to International Competitions - Powerlifting-specialist nutritionist - Powerlifting preparation for the absolute beginner (prep for your first comp) - Coaching for intermediate - elite powerlifters


- Strongman training for any level - Beginner Strongman classes (male & female coaches) - Off-season programming for Strongman athletes - Novice Strongman Competitions - State & National Qualifying Strongman Competitions - The biggest collection of Strongman equipment in the Hunter region

Jayden Bartlett

75kg All time Australian Squat Record Holder

I truly believe Leroy has the tools that are essential & wants to make each athlete the absolute best of their capability. After almost 2 years with Leroy Scott I've achieved 3 overall competition wins including a Nationals, the biggest total and squat in Australia in my weight class, 2 invite only comps including an International comp and the opportunity to attempt an All Time World Record.

Kalina Vikilani

110+ All Time Australian Squat Record Holder

Leroy and Kristen have built a gym environment that is a strength community in which people of all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged regardless of their goals. Hunter Strength and Performance is by far the best gym in the region for achieving your strength goals.    ** Leroy has been my coach for over 5 years, He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches in the game. His approach and training methodology has played a huge part in my development and success as an athlete.

Tim Colton

HSP Team Member

I’ve achieved so many of my goals in a short period. Being coached by Leroy at Hunter Strength and Performance is more than just a PT session, Leroy’s efforts on and off the platform have made training and going to the gym more than just working out. I’ve found a close knit group of friends all working together to get stronger, and it’s lead from the front by Leroy.

Jane Carpenter

HSP Team Member

I wouldn't go anywhere else. Started coming here when the gym first opened. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Leroy's expertise helped me to fully recover from my Ruptured Achilles operation. This gym isn't just for strong men. It's for everyone. No mirrors is a bonus.

You don’t have to meet a minimum strength requirement to train with us. That’s like saying you need to know how to drive before taking your first driving lesson.

At our gym, everyone supports everyone. Some of us look scary, but we promise we’re not. We celebrate everyone’s personal bests, any small improvements, and hard work from all of our members. We’ll cheer just as loudly for a 20kg squat as we would for a 350kg squat.

This means when you come to train with us, you’ll probably get surprised by how strong you really are, and how quickly you progress. A few technique tweaks here; a few programming adjustments there; and we’ll get very fast results that open your eyes to what you’re capable of. Multiply this by 6-12 months and you’ll be unrecognisable.


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