Get Strong

- Every member gets a program - 24/7 training - In-house nutritionist so you can achieve any goal - Coaches for ANY level of experience - All ages, genders, & body types - Bodybuilding machines to help you reach strength & physique goals - Enough equipment that you won’t have to wait - Saturday Open Team Training with our coaches


- Equipment & coaching for any federation in Australia - Novice through to International Competitions - Powerlifting-specialist nutritionist - Powerlifting preparation for the absolute beginner (prep for your first comp) - Coaching for intermediate - elite powerlifters


- Strongman training for any level - Beginner Strongman classes (male & female coaches) - Off-season programming for Strongman athletes - Novice Strongman Competitions - State & National Qualifying Strongman Competitions - The biggest collection of Strongman equipment in the Hunter region