Josh Day
Strength Coach

My name is Josh Day and I’m one of the coaches at Hunter Strength and Performance. 

From a young age I have always had an interest in sports and physical performance but was never built for it. Growing up I was always the skinny and weak kid at school which really impacted my mental health and confidence.

In 2017 weighing 57kg, I decided it was time to make a change by joining a gym. From day 1 I fell in love with the process of getting stronger being better than I was yesterday. I have spent the last few years learning from the best in the industry and constantly pushing myself to be the best I can be. I have spent those years applying that knowledge to my own training, and trying it out on some of my friends and clients. 

In 2018 I found powerlifting and it has been one of the most influential things to come into my life. So far I have competed in 4 competitions with many more to come. 

My best lifts in competition in the U90kg class so far are:

  • 290kg Squat 
  • 135kg Bench Press
  • 282.5kg Deadlift 

Why do I coach? I love seeing the excitement on one of my clients faces after they’ve lifted a weight they never thought was possible or see a long term goal on the scales they didn’t think they’d ever see.