Rob Allen
Strength Coach

G’day my name is Sean Walden. I am a strength coach and personal trainer. 

I have been involved in many sports including swimming, BMX racing and boxing. One thing I love about these sports is the fact performances are based on your individual effort. You get out what you put in. But they all take a team to get you ready for competition. The idea of “individual effort,” but “team focus” is why I fell in love with powerlifting back in 2016. 

I have experience working in many different gyms across multiple styles of training. I have worked as a personal trainer and gym manager with the YMCA. I have worked as a trainer with Functional45 and as a coach with Anytime Fitness. 

I enjoy working with everyone who wants train and improve themselves. Whether you’re an athlete who aims to add big kilograms to the bar or you’re walking into the gym for the first time, I’m there for you.