15 Jul

                        “How do I get good gains?”“Why is my deadlift plateauing even though I’ve been doing sessions at least thrice a week?”“I’m eating properly, sleeping right, and taking my supplements, but why can’t I move any weight?”“The muscle gains are there, but why is my strength level still the same?” If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions lately, then it’s clear that your current strength levels aren’t budging the way you want them to. No matter how many times you scream out “lightweight,” you still can’t seem to get past the first few degrees or inches on your next PRs goals once you load everything up on the bar. Now that you’ve done everything right, you might be asking yourself if all your efforts are futile. The truth, however, is that there’s definitely an answer to your current problem. The solution is simple: Get on a powerlifting program.

What is a powerlifting program?

A powerlifting program is a systematic approach to training that employs technical knowledge and processes to ensure that you can improve your overall total. A standard version aims to incorporate various training principles to ensure that your body is getting the necessary challenge to ultimately build strength. By combining different variables, such as heavier reps and more volume in your working sets, the program aims to get your body out of a plateau and help you gradually gain strength.

Factors you need to consider when choosing an option

Similar to buying a house or getting a pair of lifting shoes, choosing the right powerlifting program for your needs entail knowing what factors to consider. To ensure that your money is going to the right place that’s guaranteed to help you see maximal gains, here are three factors to consider when choosing a program:

1. The focus of the program

Unless you’re a beginner to lifting and gaining strength scene, it’s never really a good idea to go for an “all-in-one” program if you’re only struggling with your lifting. If you’ve got a specific movement in the big three that’s seriously falling behind and stalling on its PR progression, you’re far better off getting a program that caters to that very lift.

2. The professional who’s teaching it

You should never shell out your hard-earned cash on a nobody who doesn’t know anything about programming. Powerlifting is a science in itself, which makes it even more essential to only take training advice and pay good money to someone who has an adequate amount of training. Hunters Strength & Performance, for instance, offers training programs that are built by coaches who are actual competitors in powerlifting and are also well-trained with certifications and years of experience!

3. The level of the program itself

It would obviously never make sense to invest in a beginner program if you’re a regular CAPO or GPC beginner, making it even more critical to ensure that the program’s level is adequate to your needs. By choosing a program that best suits your needs and meets the exact specifications of your skill level, you’ll see a tremendous amount of progress in no time!


If you feel like you’re hitting a plateau with your deadlift, bench, or squat, then it’s time to start investing in a powerlifting program that best suits your needs. At the same time, it’s even more important that you choose the best option for your budget!

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