13 May

                        The world of fitness––just like any widely-populated, popular, and enjoyed endeavour––is always going to be subject to its own fair share of myths. A common consensus held by most of those who have been lifting weights for years, as a matter of fact, is that believing a myth and being strung along for a bit is an undeniable part of the whole experience! While it may be quite understandable to fall prey to a piece of “advice” that sounds unrealistic, what matters is that you take every necessary step to educate yourself in avoiding any other misconceptions down the road.

Are you new to the idea of fitness and strength training or simply want to clear the air and train in the most informed way possible? In this article, we will share three fitness myths that you may have heard and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: If you strength train, you’re definitely going to get bulky

Ah yes, the common myth that has scared too many people away from fully reaping the benefits of spending their time at the gym— but is it true? Unless you’re trying to get yoked or compete in the GPC Nationals, you’re probably not going to get bulky unless that’s your end-goal in mind when you train. Getting big requires a more scientific approach to training that is a mix of precise programming, protein-heavy diets, carb cycling, and testosterone, all of which you’ll come across only if you mean to. Is it true?: Of course not!

Myth #2: You’re probably not making the most out of your session if you’re not sweating

A misconstrued belief that many new and intermediate gymgoers alike tend to hold on is that sweat correlates to a proper time spent in the weight room. While it may be a great feeling to come out of a training session soaking wet, there is no viable reason to think that sweat is a currency that you can use for some validation after a workout! The truth about sweating itself is that it isn’t a prerequisite for a good session or burnt calories— so don’t worry if you don’t look like you had a sweat session!

Is it true?: Absolutely not!

Myth #3: If you aren’t sore after a workout, then you aren’t making gains and progress

Just like sweat, many gymgoers find themselves levitating towards the idea of soreness and pain when trying to validate their last session in the gym. This truth, however, is that it isn’t a great indicator either!

While the idea of “no pain, no gain” has been propagated well enough in bodybuilding videos, and action movies, there is no scientific evidence that experiencing discomfort or pain is correlated with progress! Before you start acting out because you didn’t get the expected results or feel paralysed a leg day session, you may need to re-evaluate what you know about working out. Is it true?: No!


While it may be true that the fitness industry is packed with myths as scientists continue to uncover and verify the nuances and capabilities of the human body, it’s no excuse to not stay informed and well aware of the basics. By keeping this guide in mind the next time you train, you’ll be able to approach the weight room with the right mindset to start seeing absolute progress in no time! We are a premier 24-hour powerlifting gym in New South Wales that offer coaching sessions and powerlifting sessions. Get in touch with us today!                         

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